Update on Ronnie Teague

Dec 12, 2013 | News & Events


Ronnie continues to work hard to battle back from his fall and the resulting traumatic brain injury. Last Friday, Ronnie had surgery to place a new flap on his skull. Doctors are hoping that by putting the skull back together, it will help Ronnie’s body naturally stabilize the fluids in his head.

Ronnie’s recovery cycles through good days and challenging ones. He goes from being very aware of his surroundings and responding to voice commands to running high fevers and being unresponsive.

As you can imagine, it has been a difficult journey for the family but Ronnie’s wife Gisele and the kids remain incredibly positive. Ronnie’s son Kyle recently came home on leave from the US Navy and he was able to spend time with his dad. Ronnie had a big smile on his face when Kyle entered the room to see him!

The Teague family is incredibly thankful for the continued support, positive thoughts, and prayers.