Update on Carol Gardner

Dec 16, 2014 | News & Events

The Gardners

On Wednesday, December 3rd, Carol visited the Cleveland Clinic for a follow-up meeting with her surgeon to observe the progress from the surgery to remove her brain tumor. The incision was not healing as expected in one spot and the surgeon feared an infection may be setting in. An MRI was completed and showed no major infection or meningitis. However, a 3-hour surgery was required to clean the wound area.

While this was a painful bump in the road, Carol’s attitude is as positive as ever and her MRI showed no regrowth of the tumor! Her next MRI is scheduled for February.

As Carol undergoes additional treatment, expenses associated with her care will continue to accumulate. Donations of any size will make a tremendous difference. $5 can help cover a monthly co-pay for a new prescription. $150 can help cover the net premium increase to the family’s monthly insurance to receive enhanced coverage. To make a donation, please visit:


With your assistance, we can help alleviate the financial costs and allow Carol to concentrate 100% of her energy on beating cancer.

Carol, her husband Paul, and children Preston, Peyton, and Madison are thankful for everyone’s love, prayers and continued support!