Remy Tufts

Oct 6, 2018 | News & Events

Recently, Hope Strengthens Foundation (HSF) had the privilege of connecting with the family of four-year old Remy Tufts. We are grateful to Remy’s mom Julie for drafting the following post that introduces their story:

About a month before Remy’s 4th Birthday we noticed he had a lot of bruises on his legs. He is a wild child, but not overly clumsy so it was a little alarming. As the month went on, the bruises were on his legs, back and face. He also had random broken blood vessels on his ears and neck. This combined with some random fevers at night and pain in his body, prompted us to take him to his pediatrician. 2 weeks after his 4th birthday, about a month after we started having concerns, Remy was diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Now instead of attending Pre-K, he goes to clinic. His days are filled with medications, blood draws, chemotherapy and constant questions about how he feels.

Remy’s first few months of treatment were thankfully uneventful with little side effects, but that’s starting to change. His chemotherapy is now making him nauseous and his taste in food has changed, making eating challenging. He’s also had a reaction to one of the chemotherapy treatments, which will possibly change his treatment path.

Remy likes to declare he’s no longer sick and doesn’t need to go to the doctor, but sadly that’s not the case. He has a long bumpy road ahead of him.


— Julie Santos


HSF is honored to support Remy by covering medical bills and verified out of pocket expenditures associated with his treatment. We need your help. It is anticipated that Remy’s treatment cycle at Boston Children’s Hospital will last over one-year. Due to the high costs associated with his treatment, his family has established a secondary insurance policy. HSF will be working with the family to cover a portion of the $300 monthly insurance co-pays on top of several other medical and care expenditures. A contribution of any size will go a long way to helping Remy and his family gets through this challenging time.

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