Jeremy Scheffer

Oct 21, 2018 | News & Events

Growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, Jeremy Scheffer spent his days at his family run seafood market and on the boat with his grandfather, where he quickly learned everything there was to know about life on the ocean. As an avid supporter of sustainable aquaculture, Jeremy discovered that oyster farming would allow him to spend his days in the most beautiful office of Katama Bay while being an active steward of the environment. In 2010, Jeremy started his own oyster farm and every year since, he has been devoted to producing the perfect oysters.

Jeremy has always been an incredibly kind and generous person. He often leveraged his passion into volunteer fundraising opportunities to shuck and share oysters at special events. Whenever Hope Strengthens Foundation (HSF) reached out to Jeremy for support, he enthusiastically answered the call.

Jeremy’s MV Spearpoint Oyster station at HSF’s Roast & Raise Event

Jeremy’s MV Spearpoint Oyster station at HSF’s Roast & Raise Event

Earlier this year, Jeremy established a successful community fundraiser to support his friend Chris Laursen in his fight to beat soft-tissue sarcoma. Jeremy also took the time to facilitate a direct connection with HSF and as a result, we’ve been privileged to offer support to Chris ever since.

Three days before getting married to his fiancée Isabelle on September 29th, Jeremy went to the eye doctor because he was having blurred vision and problems with peripheral vision. He was told that he had a detached retina, and needed immediate surgery. Jeremy traveled to Boston the following day.

In Boston, the doctor discovered a large ocular melanoma on Jeremy’s optic nerve. He went home to get married that weekend, and then returned to Boston to meet with various other doctors. Last week, Jeremy underwent surgery to have rings sewn in the back of his eye which will be used as a target for radiation, and simultaneously got a biopsy.

Jeremy is in the midst of radiation (proton beam therapy) treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital. This cancer (about 50% of the time) reoccurs in the liver in the future (5-10 years); the biopsy results will give us information on what “class” of ocular melanoma we are dealing with, i.e. the chances of it returning in the liver. Jeremy will be screened periodically for the rest of his life.

Despite the anxiety, sadness and horror of this situation unraveling, Jeremy and Isabelle had a beautiful wedding

Despite anxiety and sadness as a result of this situation, Jeremy & Isabelle had a beautiful wedding

In the spirit of Jeremy’s countless efforts to help others, we are launching this campaign to provide targeted financial support to cover Jeremy’s medical bills, transportation expenses for treatment in Boston, and other healthcare needs.

You can help HSF support Jeremy by making a tax-deductible donation today. While Jeremy has yet to receive bills for his cancer treatment, other bills, prescriptions and transportation expenditures have been incurred. Here are several immediate ways your donation will be put to work:

  • $40 donation will cover a co-payment for medical care
  • $75 donation will cover a boat trip at a discounted medical rate, fuel, and parking at the hospital
  • $100 donation will go towards homeopathic treatments to supplement Jeremy’s care
  • $225 donation will cover one-night of lodging in Boston while Jeremy receives treatment

To make a donation, please visit:

On behalf of Jeremy, Isabelle, and their family, thank you for your time and consideration.