An update on Patrick

Sep 1, 2016 | News & Events

Since sharing Patrick’s story earlier this summer, he and his wife, Stephanie visited Duke University to explore further treatment options. They decided to participate in a PVS-RIPO trial, otherwise referred to as the Polio trial, to battle his brain cancer.

Last week, Patrick and Stephanie hit the road en route to Duke University Hospital to commence participation in the trial.

EnRoute (1)

The procedure itself consisted of a full day of testing and the following day Patrick was admitted for surgery…

Before Surgery

The surgery took about 90 minutes…

After Surgery

The actual infusion of the Polio virus was administered for 6 ½ hours…

After Infusion

Patrick and Stephanie returned home last Friday, August 26th. While on the road for treatment, it marked the first time they ever missed their kids’ first day of school.  Fortunately a good friend came to town to see the kids off and took the following picture…

Family (1)

Patrick has several weekly appointments coming up and both he and Stephanie are optimistically looking forward to each one!

To help us cover Patrick’s medical and care bills, you can make a donation at:

Hope Strengthens Foundation – Donate