HSF is helping Matt thrive!

Jul 1, 2015 | News & Events


Hope Strengthens Foundation has been privileged to assist Matt Feighner as he continues his inspirational journey battling back from a life-threatening spinal injury.

Matt and his wife Emily recently moved into a home that met most of Matt’s accessibility needs. There was one key area of the home that required significant modifications. In order to accommodate Matt’s handicap accessible van, the garage entrance to the home had to be raised and required a new door and track.

While this may seem like a minor modification for most of us, it’s extremely important for Matt to transition safely from his wheelchair to the van. If he was unable to park in the garage during inclement weather, Matt would be exposed to the elements, creating significant health and safety challenges. Without a new garage door, Matt would be unable to leave home on rainy or snowy days, creating a hindrance to his independence.

HSF was privileged to help by cover the cost of the new garage door. Here is a video of Matt in front of the new door thanking all of our wonderful donors and supporters!



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