Campaign to support Carol Gardner & family

Sep 16, 2014 | News & Events

Gardner Family 1

In the midst of her family’s summer vacation this past July, 34 year-old mother of three Carol Gardner experienced a significant health scare leading to an emergency room visit. A CT scan revealed a mass on the right, front side of her brain.

A few days later, Carol was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic. Numerous tests led to a surgery in a special operating room that hosted a built-in MRI aiding doctors in their attempt to remove her brain tumor. The surgery was successful and three days later she returned home to rest.

In early August, Carol visited the Cleveland Clinic to learn more about the pathology of the tumor resection (surgery) she had in late July. The diagnosis she received was Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Since the diagnosis, Carol has commenced with her 6-week chemotherapy and radiation treatment plan. In late October, she will have an MRI to determine the success of her treatment.

While the news has been difficult to accept for Carol, her husband Paul, and children Preston, Peyton, and Madison, they are all prepared to take on the challenge and beat cancer!

Hope Strengthens Foundation is honored to join Carol’s family and friends in an effort to help raise additional awareness along with financial and emotional support. Thanks to our generous network of donors, we have already provided an initial donation to assist the family with out-of-pocket medical expenses that insurance won’t be able to cover.

We can and will do more but we’ll need your help. It’s currently estimated that the family’s out-of-pocket expenses for treatment, procedures, and prescription medications will be over $7,000 for the remainder of 2014. This does not take into account incidental expenses associated with Carol’s care, like transportation to-and-from the hospital, that will accumulate over time.

Donations of all sizes will make a tremendous difference. $5 can help cover a monthly co-pay for a new prescription. $150 can help cover the net premium increase to the family’s monthly insurance to receive enhanced coverage. To make a donation, please visit:

With your support, we can help alleviate her financial burden and allow Carol to concentrate 100% of her energy on beating cancer. Please send your messages of support to us and we’ll share them with Carol and her family. You can also help by sharing Carol’s story with others in your network. Our hope is to build a huge community to stand alongside Carol and help her beat cancer!

On behalf of the Gardner family, thank you for your positive thoughts, prayers, and offers of support!

– Hope Strengthens Foundation