Bryce Derosier

Mar 18, 2018 | News & Events

Jamie and Jeremy Derosier of Norton, MA are the loving parents of two beautiful children, Aubriella and Bryce. Both children suffer from a mitochondrial disease, resulting in frequent hospital visits and expensive medications.


One recent morning, Bryce’s condition deteriorated quickly and he suffered intense seizures. In total, Bryce battled through 20-hours of seizures and was placed into a medically induced coma at Boston Children’s Hospital. After 15 days in the ICU, Jamie was finally able to hold her son again. While Bryce has a long road ahead, we are happy to report he is making progress.


Hope Strengthens Foundation was privileged to connect with the Derosiers through a long-time supporter and close friend of the family. Through follow-on discussions with Jamie and Jeremy, HSF identified targeted out of pocket care expenses that we can assist with.

For example, during the first several days of care the Derosiers had no choice but to stay at the hotel adjacent to Boston Children’s Hospital, which cost $320 per night inc. taxes & fees. Parking was $25 per day. With an extended hospital stay, there are on-going out of pocket expenditures including parking, fuel, food, and tolls that mount on a daily basis. Medical bills are starting to arrive too. These bills are in addition to the $136 per month the family is already spending on medicine to help treat mitochondrial disease in both children.

Please consider making a contribution to help the Derosier family today by visiting Donations of any size will make a tremendous difference. One hundred percent of your tax deductible contribution will go to covering medical bills and out of pocket expenditures associated with Bryce’s care.

In addition to financial support, we are aiming to build a community of emotional support around this inspirational family. If you have ideas on ways that you may be able to offer assistance, please contact us at Thank you.