Update on Ronnie Teague

Jan 11, 2014 | News & Events

Ronnie Teague 3

Thanks to all for your continued thoughts and prayers for the Teague family! Ronnie’s wife Giselle recently posted on her Facebook page that Ron is doing much better since he got his new shunt put in. He is starting to move his left leg and wiggle his left fingers.

Ronnie is saying a few more words and is more alert. He is starting to get antsy about just sitting in the bed. Fortunately, Ron has been medically cleared to begin rehab. When Giselle asked if he ready for a lot of exercise and hard work, Ronnie said, “Yup!”

Ron has a long road ahead of him and he and his family still need your generous support. You can help today by making a donated at: www.hopestrengthens.org/donate-online.

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