Update on Neil

Nov 14, 2013 | News & Events

We are proud to announce that Neil Hajjar was able to return to his Hippotherapy treatments yesterday. The following update is from Neil Hajjar’s mom, Meg…

Mike and I feel so blessed to have Hope Strengthens Foundation in Neil’s corner… they have been amazingly helpful! Because of this foundation, Neil was able to restart his Hippotherapy with Miss Ruth today. He hasn’t been on “his” horse, Prince, since his stroke at the end of May. His Physical Therapist thought he did so well today and seemed stronger since last time she saw him! He also didn’t fatigue as quickly, as sometimes he would only last a 15 minute session, instead of 30. Mike and I know this improvement is from his surgery that he had at the end of July, which restored blood flow and oxygen to his brain. I’m so excited to see the progress that Neil will make with his core strength along with Miss Ruth’s and Prince’s help! Thank you sometimes doesn’t seem like enough…… but, thanks! 

Neil Hajjar 2