Ronnie needs our help

Sep 14, 2013 | News & Events

Ronnie Teague

On September 2nd, 2013, Ronnie Teague from Gardner, MA fell off a ladder while helping a friend roof his house. He was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital and doctors discovered he had fractured his skull. Ronnie had emergency surgery to remove the right side of his skull to relieve the pressure and control the bleeding on his brain.

Ronnie has bruising on several areas of his brain including severe brain injury to his frontal lobe, which controls his personality and impulse control. Doctors are not sure how this injury will affect him or his ability to ever work again. The initial prognosis looks like Ronnie while remain in intensive rehabilitation for at least a year.

Ronnie is a carpenter and the main income provider in his household. His wife, Giselle, recently returned to school for her nursing degree. She was three months shy of obtaining her degree but had to leave her program to take care of Ronnie and the family.

Ronnie is the father of three boys, one daughter, and a young granddaughter. His oldest son just started his career in the United States Navy and the younger two boys (9 and 15) live at home with the family. Ronnie’s injury will not allow him to provide for his family while he recovers and his income will stop in 4 weeks after his vacation and sick time has been used up.

Ronnie needs our help. Financial support will immediately assist the family and allow Giselle to focus all of her energy on caring for Ronnie and their children. You can make a tax-deductible donation today by visiting:

A little will go a long way for the Teague family. For example, your donation will help cover Ronnie’s insurance premium of $58 per week so that he can continue to receive the best possible care. Giselle’s round-trip transportation on the train and subway from the family’s home in Gardner, MA to the hospital is $25 per day.

If preferred, you could help the family by providing gas cards, MBTA transportation vouchers, or gift certificates to the grocery store. These small gifts along with get-well cards can be sent directly to:

Ronnie and Giselle Teague
P.O. Box 676
Gardner, Massachusetts 01440

Thank you for bringing hope and strength to Ronnie and his family!