Remembering Aubriella

Oct 9, 2021 | News & Events

Early Friday morning, Aubriella Derosier (age 6), passed away following her battle with Mitochondrial disease. Her passing comes just over three years after the loss of her younger brother Bryce (age 16 months) to the same brutal disease. The diagnosis and treatment of a life-threatening illness can deliver heart wrenching pain. It can also shine a beautiful light in the form of support from family, friends, and a community.

Jeremy and Jamie with Aubriella at Boston Children’s Hospital

For long periods of time Jeremy and Jamie Derosier, Aubriella and Bryce’s parents, lived at the hospital bedside of their children. They incurred enormous medical care expenses and placed their lives on hold to ensure Bryce and Aubriella received the best care possible. Throughout this difficult time, we witnessed a powerful support network grow around the Derosiers. Loved ones, friends, even strangers who learned of this courageous family leaned in to offer support. Over the past several months many generous people across the local community got to see firsthand Aubriella’s beautiful smile and recall Bryce’s joyful spirit.

Celebrating Aubriella

A fairytale celebration of life was organized in Aubriella’s honor. A special final day of school was arranged. Then, just three days before her passing, Aubriella went to Fenway Park, where the Red Sox recognized her and her family.

Bryce and Aubriella

It is our hope that celebrations for both Aubriella and Bryce continue. These angels graced us with their presence and have left an indelible impression. Our hearts are with their parents, Jamie and Jeremy, whose strength shines through as they endure tragedy.