Post-treatment wellness program makes positive impact

Apr 17, 2019 | News & Events

The first phase of HSF’s pilot project in coordination with Martin O’Neil Cancer Center has concluded.  We were privileged to sponsor Kimberly Sheldon to embark on a 90-day customized wellness program, following the successful completion of her treatment for breast cancer. The program was designed to assist Kimberly reestablish the physical and dietary elements required to get her body back on track following her arduous treatment.

Donavan’s Wellness Solutions, a premier fitness provider, designed and implemented Kimberly’s program. Founder and CEO, Donavan Almond shared that Kimberly lost several inches around her waist and has found the confidence to continue working out on her own at her local gym that is close to her home. Kimberly still checks in with Jordan, the trainer that worked with her throughout the program.

“The past few months working with Jordan have been extremely helpful battling my fatigue. We have been able to meet in the pool which has been great for me both physically and mentally. In the beginning, I felt pretty weak. I had a hard time even getting out of the pool with the neuropathy in my feet. I feel stronger today and I know it is from the help of Jordan working me out and encouraging me through every phase of my treatment. Thank you so much for this opportunity!” – Kimberly Sheldon

HSF is looking forward to continuing this project by working collaboratively with the Martin O’Neil Cancer Center and Donavan’s Wellness Solutions to help additional survivors like Kimberly.