Neil at Hippotherapy

Apr 10, 2014 | News & Events


The following comments are from Meg Hajjar, highlighting her son Neil’s most recent Hippotherapy session. Hope Strengthens Foundation is privileged to help Neil by covering the cost of these important treatments:

“Neil did an amazing job at Hippotherapy today! Miss Ruth (name of Neil’s therapist) says that every week he does better then the last! She is having to support him much less at his waist, and sometimes only has to hold his thighs! That means Neil is working his core muscles more and getting stronger.

Today, Neil rode around the barn outside for the first time. Although it was a bit windy, he really enjoyed it! Miss Ruth thinks that Neil is doing so well right now that riding twice a week would help immensely. Unfortunately, Neil’s current schedule just doesn’t leave room for seeing Prince (his horse) twice in one week. Neil gets so excited when he knows it’s time to go to Mane Stream!!!”

Neil Hippotherapy