Jason Hairston

Feb 12, 2021 | News & Events

Jason Hairston proudly serves veterans at the G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi, where he manages the Medical Center’s Canteen stores. He is known as the joy of the hospital and as a singer, is found lifting spirits with a smile, song, and always a helping hand.

Last November, Jason fell ill and was rushed to the emergency room. He tested positive for COVID-19 and was sent home. The next day, Jason spiked a fever and experienced breathing challenges. He was taken back to the hospital where he remained for nearly two weeks dealing with complications from COVID-19. 

After returning home once again, Jason slowly started recovery. Until he awoke one morning and could not see. Jason was rushed back to the hospital and an examination revealed that COVID-19 had caused the development of cataracts in both eyes.

Since the diagnosis, Jason has endured two eye surgeries. While he’ll need to wear special glasses, doctors anticipate that his vision will be restored.

Amidst these difficult challenges, Jason’s mother passed away due to COVID-19. While Jason was able to attend her funeral, he regrets not being able to physically see his mother one final time. 

Currently, Jason and his family remain focused on continuing to provide care for his dad, especially given the sudden loss of their mom. Jason is also anxious to get healthy and return to full-time work in support of veterans at the VA Medical Center as soon as possible.

Insurance has covered a portion of Jason’s medical care, but there is still more than $10,000 in bills from his original hospitalization and surgeries. In addition to these bills, Jason is also incurring costly ongoing eye care needs.

To assist Jason, Hope Strengthens Foundation will be working directly with the hospital and care facility billing departments to cover some of these bills. You can join us by making a donation at the following link:



Thank you for supporting Jason during this challenging time.