Income Research + Management Charitable Fund Grant

Oct 29, 2020 | News & Events

Hope Strengthens Foundation (HSF) is thrilled to announce that we recently received a grant from the Income Research + Management Charitable Fund! This grant will make a big difference in expanding our reach and assisting additional beneficiaries. 

We were introduced to the charitable work of Income Research + Management (IR+M) by their Assistant Vice President for Communications, Molly Johnson, who sponsored HSF in IR+M’s charitable grant contest. 

What is especially meaningful about this experience is our newfound connection and friendship with Molly. She chose HSF to honor her parents. Molly’s father passed away in 2017 from undiagnosed ALS. Her mother passed in 2018 after experiencing rare complications following surgery to remove a tumor from her kidney. Molly also went to school with our very first beneficiary, Ally Smith.

Our sincerest thanks to Molly, her teammates, and the IR+M Charitable Fund. We are beyond humbled by their generosity and we are committed to honoring the memory of Molly’s parents through our work to help individuals and families facing a life-threatening illness, disability, or recovering from traumatic injury.