Campaign to Support Tara White (Day 221)

Jun 20, 2013 | News & Events

Tara recently had the opportunity to return to Oklahoma for a three-week visit to catch up with family and friends. Fortunately, she was not in Oklahoma during the tornado devastation in May; but there were a couple of bad storms (one involving a tornado) while she was there. Although the tornado of May 19 hit her hometown of Shawnee, OK, we are very happy to report that Tara’s immediate family did not face any storm damage. Everyone’s thoughts and prayers remain with those affected by the tragic storms.

This week Tara received a good report and is beginning cycle eight of treatment at Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI). One thing that many may be wondering is: How many cycles are there in the clinical trial which Tara is currently participating? Each cycle is 28 days in length with Tara’s visits to DFCI occurring on the last day of each cycle. MRIs are scheduled every eight weeks. If the MRI result is clear and shows no signs of tumor regrowth, she advances to the next cycle.

Tara and her family sincerely appreciate your continued thoughts and support.