Tara White

…the results of her latest MRI show no tumor regrowth!

In April 2012, Tara White was enjoying the final months of her senior year at the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing, She was weeks away from graduation and scheduled for a 12-hour clinical rotation at the Oklahoma City Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Her goal was to serve as a nurse and care for military service veterans.

Near the end of one of her shifts, Tara suffered multiple seizures. An examination had revealed a mass in her brain. The news was even more difficult to accept knowing Tara’s younger brother, Bobby Joe, died of leukemia in 1995 at just age 3.

Tara had surgery to remove the tumor followed by proton therapy and chemotherapy. Despite these efforts, a post-treatment MRI would show that her tumor had returned. Tara’s doctors at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City recommended more aggressive post-surgical therapy. Tara was soon accepted into a clinical trial for recurring glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of brain cancer. Without a job and insurance, Tara moved to Boston to receive care at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute where she continues to undergo treatment today.

Tara has made remarkable progress and the results of her latest MRI show no tumor regrowth!

With your support, Hope Strengthens Foundation has provided financial assistance to help defray the costs of Tara’s medical bills so she can maintain her focus on beating brain cancer and focus on achieving her goal to serve as a registered nurse.