Rob Gibson

Slowly and miraculously, Rob battled back…

Last November, a seemingly healthy and fit young man named Rob Gibson went for a run and suddenly collapsed with a major heart attack. The situation was so severe, it resulted in a traumatic brain injury and Rob was left in a coma. His neurologist told the family that Rob had all but died that day.

Slowly and miraculously, Rob battled back and is now ambulatory but still suffers from serious issues that come along with a traumatic brain injury. He cannot work or drive and has a long road of recovery ahead in terms of rebuilding the cognitive capabilities that will allow him to lead a normal life.

Thanks to your support, Hope Strengthens Foundation has provided Rob, his wife Erin, and their two young children, Ellia and Isaiah with support by covering specific medical needs that insurance will not cover, including Neurofeedback and audiotraining that can assist Rob’s brain to maintain its natural systems of self-regulation and balance.

$25 donation will cover one physical therapy session that helps Rob’s recovery from a traumatic brain injury.