Matt Feighner

…and following six months of chemotherapy, he beat cancer!

Three years ago, Matt Feighner was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. With the wonderful support of his family and future wife Emily, Matt faced this enormous challenge head-on and following six months of chemotherapy, he beat cancer!

Less than a year later, Matt was snowboarding in Michigan and suffered a serious fall. The momentum and force of his landing caused his neck to snap back shattering the C5 vertebrae in his neck. Matt spent three weeks in intensive care battling for his life before he was stabilized enough to be transferred to a rehabilitation hospital. Matt had injured his spinal cord and no longer had movement of his hands or anything below his shoulders.

Similar to his battle against cancer, Matt is once again taking on this fight with a tremendous spirit. Following the accident, Emily moved back home to care for Matt and they were married this past April. Matt is now in a wheelchair and faces significant challenges, but he and Emily are confident that there is nothing that they cannot overcome.

Financial challenges still exist due to the fact that many of the items Matt needs are not fully covered by insurance. Emily is Matt’s full-time caregiver aside from the 4-6 hours per week that they need to pay for assistance so Emily can tend to her responsibilities at work. Matt’s nursing care is 100% out-of-pocket as are many medical supplies and transportation expenses.

Thanks to your support, Hope Strengthens Foundation has paid for legacy medical expenses associated with Matt’s cancer treatment as well as nursing and rehabilitation bills associated with his current needs.

In addition, Hope Strengthens Foundation funded a project to install a new garage door at Matt’s home that will allow his handicap van to fit into the garage space and provide him direct access to/from the house, which is especially important during poor weather conditions.