Greg Finger

Greg continues to make remarkable progress…

Greg Finger returned home for a visit in the spring of 2013. Like many times before, he went for a swim with two friends and his dog Bella at a local pond. On this day, Greg experienced a near fatal dive, striking his head and sinking to the bottom of the pond. He was unable to move his arms or legs and his lungs quickly filled with water. Fortunately, his friend Bobby knew something was wrong and dove in to rescue Greg.

Greg was soon airlifted to Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA and underwent a 6-hour surgery. He had suffered a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) at the C5/C6 level and fractures to the associated vertebrae. Despite his diagnosis was C4 ASIA D tetraplegia (quadriplegic), his physical and neurological progression were incredible. Today, Greg continues to make remarkable progress but still faces significant paralysis in his limbs.

Greg recently found a rehabilitation program named Journey Forward that has helped accelerate his progress. Journey Forward is an intense, exercise-based recovery program that works solely with spinal cord injury patients focusing on the stimulation of nerves, load bearing and gait training. Journey Forward is a privately funded program and is not covered by insurance or public health plans. Greg currently benefits from 3-6 hours of therapy each week at the cost of $100 per hour. Average monthly bills are upwards of $2,400, all out of pocket.

Hope Strengthens Foundation recently learned about Greg’s story. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters, we’ve been able to contribute resources directly to Greg’s Journey Forward Program bills, covering 26-hours of therapy to-date.

$50 donation will cover one physical therapy session that helps Greg’s recovery from a spinal chord injury.